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LUPE WONG WON'T DANCE  is now available for pre-order!

Levine Querido

Release September 2020


Twelve year old Lupe Wong WILL be the 1st female pitcher in major league baseball. But the American past time of Square Dancing is P.E. curriculum is something a kid like Lupe can’t relate to culturally or otherwise. She vows to get the archaic tradition banned, and a comedy of disasters ensues.  



Donna grew up in central California surrounded by agricultural and oil fields. As a child, rather than dealing with the regular dust devils, she preferred spending recess squirreled away in the janitor’s closet with a good book. Her favorite hobbies were calling dial-a-story over and over again, and sneaking into a restricted cemetery to weave her own spooky tales using the crumbling headstones as inspiration. ​

Donna's Middle Grade and Picture Books are about kids who find themselves in odd or scary situations.​ From language to cultural differences in being biracial life can become…complicated. So like Donna,  characters tackle more than just the bizarre things that happen to them in their lives. 


Donna likes to write about all things funny, but also sad, and creepy, and magical. If you like those things, she hopes you will read her books! 

Donna lives in Washington State with her family, three dogs and two frogs. 

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Happy reading and writing!


Other Books to Come

El Cucuy is Scared, Too

The Last Cuentista

Abrams Kids

Spring 2021

When Ramón moves to a new town with a new school and new kids, suddenly El Cucuy, aka the Mexican boogeyman, is suddenly less horrifying than all the new changes. But El Cucuy is sad and afraid too. Ramón realizes if he can reassure and help El Cucuy to be fuerte y valiente, then perhaps he can be strong and brave as well.

Illustrated by 

Levine Querido

Fall 2021


Relocating to a new planet after Earth is destroyed, 12-year-old Petra Peña’s suspended animation fails during the 370-year journey, so when all the other children are mysteriously reprogrammed and the adults purged, Petra becomes the lone bringer of Earth's now forbidden stories and her grandmother's Mexican folklore to a changing humanity.


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